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OVACO Stands by Promise to Utilize Latest Technological Advances

Shelbyville KY… Ohio Valley Aluminum Company adds a newly designed custom saw to the manufacturing facility. “After months of engineering and design, we are excited to use the highly efficient machine” said Steve Richardson, General Manager. The new billet saw will produce at least two times more efficiently as the previous saw. The saw, designed by B&O Saws Incorporated, has the capability to cut double billet.  The custom saw also executes automated stacking and banding. The investment will also allow OVACO to use a poly band rather than a steel band.

‘The custom saw will allow the saw department to keep pace with the casting house and our growing customer base” commented Richardson. With the new saw, comes a lighting upgrade to the saw department. OVACO will replace all current lights with LED lighting. OVACO is committed to energy savings and implementing best practices for the facility.

  • Posted On 11 Apr 2014
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