Ohio Valley Aluminum Company

Ohio Valley Aluminum Company (OVACO), has been a manufacturer of aluminum billet for the aluminum extrusion industry since 1955. OVACO joined the Interlock Industries family of businesses in 1985.

Today, the Ohio Valley Aluminum Company produces the highest quality extrusion billet available by utilizing highly skilled employees and the latest technological advances. OVACO utilizes their capabilities by cutting lengths from 16″ to 216″ in all cast sizes available. By using a state-of-the-art spectrometer, OVACO certifies the analysis of every customers order. We take great pride in delivering premium quality aluminum billets and logs quickly and efficiently to our customers.

OVACO is committed to protecting the environment we operate a computerized baghouse which removes air pollutants produced by the recycling process. We recognize the changing nature of business today and continuously review and update our operations and procedures. OVACO strives for a cost-effective environment of operations.